January 20, 2016

- today's nasa reports suggest -

The Paris Agreement

will fail!

And President Obama's fears come true!

We waited too long 

to end our non-stop

emissions. We face

- extinction -

Abandoning our children to such


- it can't be allowed -

show that you care - live simply 

store personal vehicles

use public transport


limit family size and needs

Now . . . why

The Paris Agreement       risks our extinction!                          

It delays, in putting off for still more decades, decisions to act that, if we truly care about our families, we would have undertaken                    30 YEARS ago! 

It willfully ignores

President Obama's message

of October 2015 

when at ”The Signing Ceremony” in Paris

the following December the 

“Nation State Participants”

congratulated each other in defusing 



by agreeing to

implement half-measures

decades in the future!

Nature has handed them a slap!

They now know,

to their deep shame, that

President Obama

had done the work necessary

to inform us

of the threat to


on the planet.

He said it best

when he informed the world

'If we dont soon act,

there will come a time

when it will be too late to act.

Now! Updates . . . .

Indeed! Due

President Obama’s

efforts . . .

The April 26th, 2016

meeting in New York,

regarding that agreement

was organized

to accelerate the

implementation dates!

The reason, as foreseen at

the Tallberg Forum in 2008,

is the high probability of a

'Tipping Point

leading to a

Non-Reversible Rise

in Global Heating!

(Non-Reversible in

Human time frames!)


Our willingness to accept plans

and pay for preparations

to mass murder each other

“On Command”

. . . acts . . .

against what otherwise should be our innate, spontaneous and unhesitatinresponse                                    to a crisis that       WE KNOW  holds the potential                       to END all life on the planet                                                within a few generations!

So, a question, this 2nd day of March, 2017:

When do we tell the children?

Should we give

them a chance to

persuade us to do

what  is openly stated at


or, due our

love affair with

“Our Prized Mobility”

we accept that life,

for all intents and purposes,

will soon come to a sudden end?


Perhaps you can now understand 

the invitation as found at


to those who shall soon be

contemplating suicide

due the various decisions to ignore

the madness we brought upon ourselves?


is for sale



Such aside:

When Do We

Tell The Children?

With respect to the purchase

of any of the URL’s in the side pane:

The following procedure is utilized:

Make your offer to


Either it is accepted or a more acceptable price is stated. Upon a decision to purchase, the amount, in US funds, must be deposited into the Bank account number provided within 48 hours; with the transfer then taking place as per usual practice. (The addition of an odd amount of cents to the purchase price helps to immediately identify the source of the money so paid.)

To a safer, saner

and more caring world.

To Duty.

Daniel J. Lavigne, Founder

"The Tax Refusal

© Daniel J. Lavigne 2016